Tango FAQs

Do I need to attend classes with a partner?
No, you do not need to have a partner, there are always plenty of people to practice with and we ask students to swap partners regularly so that you will have a chance to dance with and meet everyone else in the class. Can I stay with my own partner throughout the class?
Of course! We ask students to swap partners in order to aid learning and to help members of the group get to know eachother, but it is not compulsory.

What should I wear?
Whatever you feel comfortable in. We recommend that you do not wear clothing that restricts your movement (such as very long pencil-skirts) but other than that it is up to you. What people wear usually ranges from casual to office clothes for classes and some students like to dress up a bit more for social dancing after class. For footwear, please see below.

What shoes should I wear?
If you have dance shoes then bring them. The ideal shoes have suede soles and hold your foot firmly in position. If you do not have dance shoes, wear something that is comfortable and that can slide quite easily on the floor without gripping. Leather soles are good, rubber soles are not. We frecommend you do not wear trainers, boots or mules. The right footwear is essential in order to be able to carry out movements correctly and without injury. We stock a wide range of leather dance shoes from renowned manufacturers Werner Kern for both ladies and gentlemen.

Do I have to book in advance?
No, it is not necessary. We do recommend you book for the London workshop in advance, in order to take advantage of our advanced booking discount, otherwise all our classes are run on a drop-in basis - just turn up and pay on the door.

Do I have to book a whole course?
No, we run our classes on a drop-in basis so you are only ever committing yourself to one class at a time.

Which level is suitable for me?
All our classes are suitable for all levels of dancers, from those who have never danced at all to those with considerable experience. When we have 2 or more levels running, they are taught simultaneously by different teachers so you will be able to change groups if necessary. As a very rough guideline, we would normally expect you to stay in beginners/ improvers for about 12 weeks, however, everyone learns at different speeds and much will also depend on how many lessons you take per week - to speed up your learning we suggest you try to attend at least 2 lessons per week. We will be happy to advise you on what group to join at the beginning of the class. If you would like a taster of our classes and social atmosphere, we recommend you attend our general class on Saturday evening in Covent Garden. For health and safety reasons, we will not be able to invite you to join the intermediate/ advanced classes if you do not have dance shoes.

What is a 'Practica'?
A practica is a place where you can practice your tango in an informal atmosphere and socialise with other students and teachers. We play a fabulous mix of tangos, milongas and valses, both traditional and very modern and we also have soft drinks, wine and beer available for you. We work very hard to cultivate a friendly and relaxed atmosphere without 'rules' and we are happy to see that everyone gets a chance to dance - all our more experienced students and teachers will dance with new students and ladies are always welcome to invite gentlemen to dance!

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